Free The Music

Giving The Gift of

Our goal is to bring public pianos to our city of Pittsburgh. Why? Because connecting over music crosses barriers that exist in daily life. Make room for a piano in your neighborhood and you make room for people to be heard. Do you want to play music, enjoy music, or teach music?


 Our Locations

The Gazebo @ Walcott Park | The Tull Family Theater (upcoming) | Center For Young Musicians | Studio 419

When we place our beautiful pianos throughout Sewickley, people will be saying, “Meet me at the piano,” this spring. Free the Music pianos are a collaboration with local artists. Each is an inspired vision for the unique setting.


Let’s Make Music Together!

To make this operation a success, we need you. Here’s how to get involved.

  • Volunteer to cover the piano at night time or unlock it in the morning

  • Help us spread the news about Free the Music in the greater Pittsburgh area

  • Sponsor an event to raise awareness and funds for one of our projects   

  • Coordinate activities around a Free the Music piano (free open lessons, an event in conjunction with a school or church, or more. Use your imagination!)

  • Donate a piano

  • Tell Us How You Can Help


About Us

The Free the Music initiative was dreamed up by Hudson Colletti, an 8th grader and lifelong Sewickley resident. He has been playing piano for several years and developed the idea after seeing a piano in a public setting on a trip to Montreal’s Old City.